Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I bought this nail polish because it claimed to be "mega lasting." I figured I would use it and put it through the ultimate test- wearing it to work. Usually when I work, my nail polish will be chipped by the end of the night. (That is until I found Essie's No Chips Ahead.) If I wear a top coat that is quick drying... my nails will still be chipped by the end of the night. So to put this one to the test I put on two coats of this polish in "On a Trip" and one coat of NYC quick drying top coat. Turns out this polish is pretty lasting. I wore it for 3 days before I wanted to change the color and it hadn't chipped a bit. Two of those three days were days that I worked. I didn't see if they sold this in a top coat because I'd definitely be willing to try that out if they did. At around $2 a bottle, I plan on trying this polish in many colors!

One thing that was a little weird was the new brush that comes in this bottle. It's called a "manicure pro brush." It's very very wide and rounded a little. I thought I was really going to like the brush until I started to use it. I think it will just take some getting used to. It takes up a lot more space on the nail and holds quite a bit of nail polish. But obviously I managed to figure out how to use the brush and some people probably really like what it does.

This is the color "On a Trip" in different lights. It is definitely a little more purple than it photographs.


  1. thanks for the tip-i usually don't paint my nails because they always chip after one shift at work...maybe i can finally wear nail polish again!!

  2. I love these polishes. It did take a minute to get used to the brush, but the colors are amazing and they do last a while. I paint my nails normally every 3 or 4 days out of boredom and these colors normally last until I want to take them off. And like you said @ $2 a bottle, def. worth it!

    xoxo Amber

  3. Kaylah of The Dainty Squid recommended this color, and once I saw it here, I knew it must be must have! It's on my fingers right now!

  4. So I haven't read your whole blog (yet!, just found you via pintrest this morning) but have you tried Sally Hansen's InstaDri? I LOVE it. usually only takes one or maybe two coats and it really dries fast. usually lasts a few days with out chipping. It has a fat brush too, apparently that's so that you can do one stroke for the whole nail? Anyway, you should try it!

  5. I LOVE these polishes! I discovered them on accident because they had a color I needed and was so impressed! They always last at least 3 days with no chips for me, and by then I take it off for a new color. They have a whole new set out for Halloween/Autumn!


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