Monday, July 23, 2012


So if you didn't know already, I am a self-declared graphic artist. I did go to school for art so it may be more official than I like to think. I started working on my design website a WHIIIIILE ago and had been meaning to finish it to have a place where people could instantly see pricing and such. Well I finally did it! I will still be putting on finishing touches every now and then but the prices are set and I have a few pictures up of things I have designed before. When I can track them all down I will add more. If you need any design work done that isn't listed in the pricing, just send me an e-mail- I can probably do it.

Go check it out!! OH SO PRETTY DESIGN


  1. Shut up, where did the long sleeve gray AEX shirt come from?! Was that after I graduated??? So cute!!! I want one :)

    1. Maybe?? It was for basketball one season? Must've been after you left. PS BY THE WAY I'm about to start working on your blog!


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