Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I'm obsessed with this song and it really bothers me that the album version is only 2:08 minutes long. However, I have just discovered that there are 8.2 gazillion (that's the exact number of course) versions of this song. Someone even has a 10 hour version of it for heaven's sake. Anyway, I hope this song pumps you up as much as it pumps me up.


  1. Mike Posner definitely has a song with this beat. I love it! And I love The XX. Hot Like Fire, Angels, Sunset, and Chained are just a few of my favorite songs by them. :)

  2. That was on "Person of Interest" a while back, towards the end of an episode. I fell in love with it, and the show (it was the first time I saw it). I immediately started searching for it, and I ended up loving almost every song of theirs! Intro is a good song to drive to.

  3. This song is great! Here is a way to play it indefinitely (which might be too much, but I'm sure you'll get through it twice


  4. This is the same beat as Rihanna's "Drunk On Love" from Talk That Talk!


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