Friday, August 1, 2014

red and expectation-less

Today we took a little day off and had a much needed leisurely and expectation-less day. Sometimes it's nice to get ready for nothing, eat lunch at 4 PM and clean out your car. Today we threw away all of our original plans (to be really productive) and it was delightful. I even curled my hair differently than usual, whoa. Anyway, it feels good to slow down, even if just for a moment. Today was the day for that.
Savannah's wearing: Top-Some chick from Instagram// Shorts-Urban Outfitters// Shoes-Urban Outfitters//Sunglasses-Earthbound Trading Company
Casey's wearing: Top-Urban Outfitters//Pants- some little boutique in Louisville//Arrowhead necklace- Hey Wanderer
xo, Savannah

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  1. Absolutely love Savannah's hair color and Casey's pant is way too cool :)
    I have a new post see you there