Even our bikes are friends. Mine is on the right.
So Savannah & I both love bicycles but I'm probably more fanatical about it. Don't let my love of bicycles fool you, because I don't ride nearly enough. I go through phases where I ride a lot and times when I won't ride for months. I have a road bike for exercise and a commuter bike that is oh so cute. Biking for exercise is awesome, but just throwing your running shoes and heading out the door is so much easier than putting on all the necessary biking gear. However, I enjoy biking over running/walking so much more. When I moved to my new house in May I had every intention of biking everywhere on my commuter bike. I've read 20 zillion biking commuter blogs about how much easier it is than sitting in traffic and how wonderful it is, but I have never been able to make it my way of life. However, there is something so communal about it. You actually get to see your neighborhood and enjoy it. Also, you are automatically a part of the biking community and bikers love each other. In general, you also are just more interactive with your community when you are commuting by bike. Not only do I love the act of bike riding and my bike itself, but I love all things bicycle. Bicycles (in all mediums) are everywhere now.

Some of my bike bling.

This is hanging in my house.
Bought it at Hobby Lobby, supa cheap.

Bought this on etsy here.

Source: target.com via Casey on Pinterest
Who could forget the Missoni bike from Target? 

More bike art.  Swoon.

More bike art in mi casa.
I found this treasure at TJ Maxx. 

So this was hand-punched by Savannah. It's part of a much larger art

piece we worked on together, more will come on that later.

If money was no object... at $1100 this just isn't going to happen

for me. The color is delightful. I would expect nothing less

for a Kate Spade edition bike.
So if you are not brave enough to bike ride in this cold weather,  you can still enjoy the art of a bicycle in your warm and cozy home.

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