Well yes, it has been a little while since we've posted anything so I figured we should give some explanation. I am currently in the process of moving... moving in with Casey that is. The dilemma is that I was living in a fairly large apartment in Downtown Nashville and somehow we have to fit all of that into the little baby house that Casey currently resides in. (I must say it's a very CUTE little baby house- still in Nashville). If we can make this happen, it will be a miracle. Stay tuned for more pictures involving the results of the move, and in the mean time... here are a few pictures of my apartment before we tore it all apart and moved it away.

Let's just say... the room where I am moving all this stuff to is
much much smaller than this room.

Pretty Pillows.

This hallway leads back to the front door and stairs.
To the right is where the craft area was.

The doors lead to the kitchen.
The room where all of this stuff is going is tiny as well.

We divided the extra large open space with some hanging sheets to
give the illusion of two separate rooms.

Living Room.

These windows open right up to 2nd Ave N.
Sometimes it was fun, and sometimes you just wanted to sleep.
Always beautiful though.
Obviously we will be getting rid of many things so keep checking back to see what made the cut and what didn't!

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