labor OF LOVE

Once upon a time, I had a huge blank space above my couch that bothered me greatly. I originally wanted Savannah to paint something for me to hang in the massive, blank space. However, somehow I got involved, and I am so glad I did. We started working on this piece in June, and we just went for it. We had no plan whatsoever, and we definitely had no idea how long it would take and or how it would turn out. This masterpiece took FIVE months. However, we did not work on it every day and sometimes we went weeks without working on it. I love how it turned out, and I'm calling it, "we are Nashville."  Anyway, I love Nashville so we incorporated all things Nashville and used anything and everything to make this happen. Hope you like it as much as we do, however we understand that this is not for everybody :)
This is how it all began.  We had no plan at this point, and we just wanted to get color down.  Savannah did the top portion & I did the bottom.  You can tell which one of us has an art degree 
More color
We wanted to add a a map of Nashville but wanted to make it look more rugged, so we burned the edges.    
Yep, we Mod Podged a t-shirt on the canvas.
I love the chevron pattern so I knew I had to have it on this artwork.
At this step we added several postcards and the sign in the middle that is from here .  It reads, "Are you from Tennessee because you are the only 10 I see."  Love it! Also you will notice a heart at the top which has another map of Nashville under it & the we did a reverse stencil with spray paint. "Nashville" was spray painted over the chevron & ANOTHER map was added to the far left.  That is a map of the bus routes in Nashville that we cut out. 
At this point we added the "we are nashville" lettering & random arrows.  Also Savannah hand-painted (without a stencil) the Titans logo at the top near the heart. Impressive.  Also there is a strip of cardboard added to the top right corner (this was actually done earlier). 
I really wanted a bike on this piece and somehow we came up with this  idea.  Savannah hand-punched each of those holes.  Good times. 
There was a particularly tedious step here when we sewed the piece of tin to the bottom right corner.  We also spray painted some of the Nashville zipcodes in random places, and we added several colors of spray paint over the canvas to add more dimension.  Lastly we added the bumper sticker to the top right corner. 
There was a long period of time between the last step and this step because we needed an opaque projector to do the next part.  My church was kind enough to let us use theirs.  We projected the Nashville skyline onto the canvas and traced it in pencil.
After we traced it we used a dark blue glitter glue to go over our traced lines.
Here it is!! The final project, and it only took 5 months. 
This will give you some perspective on the placement and how big this canvas really is.  It's I think 3X5ft.  We'll put up pictures of this entire room once it's all done. 

All in all this was a wonderful experience and it was definitely a learning experience for me. If you are interested in having something like this for yourself, send us an email ( and we can talk details and pricing. The options are limitless for what we could do!


  1. I didn't know you were from Nashville. I live in Fort Campbell. I love your page. It has given me a lot of inspiration for new projects.

    1. YAY! Glad we could inspire you. I (Casey) actually grew up in Clarksville, so I'm very familiar with Fort Campbell.

  2. I've just found your blog (which I love!), and I've been making my wway through all of your DIYs and tutorials. absolutely love this - it's incredible!

    Janey x

  3. So Cute! I recently was on vacation in Australia and collected so much stuff to scrapbook with, but this is a WAY better idea to collaborate all of my stuff. Why keep it all hidden away in a book when you can make a beautiful piece of art like this?! Thank you for the idea girls!!


  4. I'm a military wife and every place we've been stationed I've collected things from there. This would be a great way to show everywhere we've been. So inspiring!! Thanks!