Casey and I have recently made a decision to get our lives back on the "healthy" track. In order to do so, we thought it may be helpful to create something that we could see every day that would keep us on track and well, "inspire" us. So we each made our own 'Inspiration Board' to hang in our homes. Since our theme is BE HEALTHY, we have included pictures of people demonstrating healthy habits and words that motivate. Although our boards are aimed toward health, these inspiration boards can be helpful in many aspects. Setting goals is the first step to success, so why not make an aesthetically pleasing collage of those goals? You will be reminded of them every day!


HOW TO: For our boards we used old picture frames that we purchased at a thrift store. We removed the glass and used the cardboard backing as our blank surface. We also painted the frames with acrylic paint and sealed them with Glossy Acrylic Spray. Casey covered her flat surface with scrapbook paper pieces while I chose the full-on collage route, covering every inch with things cut out of magazines and, of course, a little glitter on top.
P.S. Colored frames are a perfect way to brighten up and finish off any collage, no matter what the purpose.

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  1. I love this idea! You inspired my daughter and I to make our own version, and it was so fun! If you'd like, you can check it out here, and I made sure to give you the credit for your original idea :)