In honor of Thanksgiving, I'd like to tell a tale of the ladyfingers, otherwise known as a pain in my neck. I had offered to gather the groceries for our regular Thanksgiving meal so my family wouldn't have to travel with a car full of them. I had my mother send me a list of the things I needed to get. On the list... normal things, green beans, corn, rolls, cranberries, etc., and the ingredients to make a lovely pumpkin tiramisu. Simple task i thought... wrong. Turns out, to make tiramisu, you must acquire ladyfingers. It also so happens that ladyfingers don't really exist. Or at least that is what I was beginning to think. After trying three different stores, I gave up on finding these suckers. I had to give this task back to my mother. Back in Texas, my mom went to a local grocery store to hunt down these so-called "ladyfingers" and was having a hard time herself finding them. After searching high and low she found someone in the bakery to help her. "Do you know where I can find ladyfingers?" she asked. The lady glanced at my mom and then calmly walked over to another lady behind the counter. "What do you want to know about ladyfingers?" the other woman asked staring intently, like my mom was asking about something no one should ever know about. "Where can I find them?" my mom asked again. The lady stopped what she was doing, slowly walked even further behind the counter, grabbed a package, and brought it to my mom. Turns out ladyfingers do exist. But if you think you can make yourself some home made tiramisu, just know you may be searching for days just to gather the ingredients.

So tonight when we were all just sitting around, so tired and thinking about the lovely day we had here in Nashville, my mom did one of those jump-and-freak-out-for-a-millisecond gasps. "We forgot to make the tiramisu!" That's real.

P.S. We sure did make that tiramisu at 11 o'clock last night. Wanna try it yourself? Here's the recipe... better start gathering the ingredients now.

*This was originally posted on 11-25-2011*

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  1. At least we know Lady Fingers are a secret. Kinda like New York with purses...shh.