we DID IT!

Glitter Storage
Well, it took a little while but we have finally got all of our things settled and in their place. We had to get a little creative as our new craft room will now double as a guest room. Above is the picture of how we now store our glitter and sequins, etc. It is also probably our FAVORITE detail of the whole room, not only is it using wall space creatively, it's stinkin' cute. We <3 glitter. Here is a shot of what the room looked like after we unloaded all of my things.. obviously we weren't trying to be organized at this point.
Before Pictures Final
And here are the pictures of the room all finished. (except for the fact that we still need to put up curtains/ haven't decided what color/ pattern to use. Got ideas? Let us know...)

Craft Room 3
the Inspiration/Sewing Corner.

Craft Room 2
This closet door has been removed to save space. We covered the doorway
with a sheet that we carefully placed at the top to have a ruffle sort of texture.
Behind the curtain- more storage.

Craft Room
SIMPLE TWIN BED FRAME: This bed frame is made with 2 palettes and an old door.
The palettes are on the bottom and double as storage for our scrapbook paper and canvases.
The old door has been turned sideways and fastened to the palettes to create the head board.
We put our glitter and scrap fabric storage on the wall.
Craft Room 4
Wall of Mona. Purchased these lovelies at Earthbound Trading Company,
in the Downtown Nashville store.
And here are the pictures of my new room, I like to think of it as very "cozy".
New Room 9

New Room 6
We took the door off to save room and replaced it with a pretty
lace curtain purchased here. It adds a nice touch with the same purpose of a door.

New Room 7
Yes, that is a picture frame with a missing picture. Don't judge.

New Room 8 Labeled

New Room 1
the Accessories Corner.
New Room 2
I already had this bench and it was a gray leather to begin with.
I covered it with some cute fabric I purchased for $1/yard.
New Room 3
My Makeshift Vanity.

New Room 4

New Room 5
My scarves on hanging on the wall to the left on
flower hooks I purchased at Urban Outfitters, like these.

Well, if you haven't noticed, we like to decorate with all the things we have to store. And with such little space... this is how we make it work. In small areas like these, organizing and decorating become one in the same.


  1. Looks great, Savannah! I basically want your shoes and your shoe storage :)

  2. Thanks! To get my storage solution... purchase 3 shoe racks (http://www.walmart.com/ip/Mainstays-Shoe-Rack/15566795) and stack them on top of each other! Simple, organized, and a cheap alternative to getting your closet re-done!

  3. How many more shoes do you think you can fit in this room?

  4. I can always make room for more shoes! :D

  5. wow....how amazing! You have mad skills, girlfriend! I'm a new follower and it's all thanks to that amazing shoe rack ;)

  6. This is awesome! Both the guest/craft room and your bedroom look great! I'm in love with the glitter storage shelf as well, and I'm so down with the accessory decorations. Why store all the prettiness away in a box all a-jumble, when it can hang in all it's fabulous glory? Looking good!


  7. Where do you find all of your fabulous bed linens? I especially love the paisley print comforter on your DIY twin bed frame.

    1. Thanks! That is a Cynthia Rowley duvet cover from TJ Maxx. I (Casey) got it for Christmas a little over a year ago. That's a great place to look for bed lines at a very reasonable price. I get all my sheets there. Savannah's comforter is from Target.