Before Savannah moved in with me, my bathroom was in a special condition. I had someone install shelves because I needed storage space and he did a terrible job. The shelves stayed up for a matter of days before I was left with one shelf and one shelf bracket that was leftover from the one that fell out of the wall. Once Savannah got home from visiting her family over Christmas break, we made it a priority to get the bathroom in better shape.
So maybe this doesn't look so bad but the shelving situation
was definitely problematic.
Yay! Our happy little bathroom. :)
So happy to have these shelves up. However, putting them up was challenging.
I could not love this "Have a Seat" sign more. It's good clean fun. See how we made this here.
Better shot of the shower curtain.
Storing things in jars makes everything better.
Why do we have a sign that says "Your Mom"? Because that's our response to everything. "I have to go to the store." Response:"Your mom has to go to the store." That's how we roll. The smaller frame just has a piece of scrapbook paper in it. 
We added this last picture to show where the "Your Mom" sign is placed.
Here is a list of where we got everything:
the SHELVES - The Container Store 
the BRACKETS - The Container Store
the LITTLE WOOD SHELF - Goodwill
the LACE CURTAIN - Goodwill (This was much longer, so we cut it to fit & secured it with push pins) 
the BATH RUG - Target (cannot find this online) 
the TOWELS - Target (cannot find these online either but I'm pretty sure they are still in store)
the CHEVRON ART - tutorial here
the "YOUR MOM" ART - One-of-a-kind from Savannah.
the BASKETS - Walmart
the JARS - Hobby Lobby (herehere, & here)
the TRASH CAN - Target (probably still in stores but not online)
the TOILET BRUSH - Target (see above)

Hope you guys are having a great weekend so far. Oh & you know what all the cool kids are doing? They are following us on Twitter for tips, tricks, deals, and steals. What are you waiting for? Do it!

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