We are getting our hair done today and so I (Casey) have been searching the Internet for inspiration.  I went from brown to red last time and while I loved it, I hate how high maintenance red hair is (if it's not natural, of course).  My hair color faded so fast and my roots are unsightly.  However, getting rid of red hair is challenging, so we'll see what happens.  We'll post pictures of our hair once it's done.  Until then, here are some pictures of hair color we are digging. 


  1. Just found your blog through Pinterest and I'm hooked! It's my little bit of glittery happiness each day! I'm loving these pictures you posted. I just went a bit out my comfort zone and added purple and a little blue into my blonde-ish hair and I LOVED it. Take a look-see if you want:
    Now I'm looking for my next color inspiration, so thanks again for these beautiful pictures! Have fun!

  2. Looove your posts!!!! Amazing ideas...Thank you!

    Love, Ana!

  3. I think y'all should do the bits of pinks and blues. Looks so cute. Wish I was brave enough.
    Can't wait to see the pics.
    and I love your blog, always makes me feel 20 something instead of 30 something. :)

  4. I love all of the hair colors except the gray-ish. It reminds me of old ladies who come out of the salon rockin' blue/gray or pink gray. I do especially love the 9th pic down. The one where the girl looks like she wants to eat your soul. Her hair is stunning. I'd totally do that to my hair and i "ain't no spring chicken".

    Love, love your blog. It's just "oh so pretty", well done, you!

    Can't wait to see how fabulous you look with your new do's!


  5. Wish I could dye my hair purple. Might just have to invest in a wig.

  6. Pinterest brought me here and I am LOVIN' your blog, girls! It's 2am ad I can't stop reading! I wish I could do this too but in purple or red (I wonder what it'd to do my black hair!) :)