shades OF BLUE

It has been crazy in the house of "[Oh So] Pretty" this week. I moved into the craft room and well, the craft room hasn't yet been settled in my old room. This has put us in a very interesting positon this week. I mean... my nails hadn't been painted for almost a week!! Last night I finally found the perfect time to paint them while watching a movie. Yes, I still love all things ombre' and I wanted my nails to be fun without having to put much effort in so... here is what I did!
Here are the colors I used.
I topped each nail with a quick-dry top coat. Next I'm going to try a teal-ish/ green-ish ombre' manicure!
And speaking of the movies... I was watching Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close which probably wasn't that great of an idea considering I kept looking down at my nails, missing parts and having to rewind. And then there was the hysterical crying with wet nails. Forgetting about all of that, I really liked the movie!

We also recently watched Tower Heist and The Descendants. I really enjoyed both of these movies (in different ways.) They got the job of 'entertaining us' done.

And have you seen Young Adult??? To us, it was just really awkward... like REALLY REALLY awkward. Not the funny kind of awkward that is enjoyable. The really uncomfortable start-to-feel-sorry for the girl kind of awkward. NEVER AGAIN do I want to see a movie like this.

 Anyways we hope you are having a great week! And we promise to be back as our regular selves very very soon!

 All movie photos from IMDB.


  1. I love the ombre nails! I want to try that soon. (When I stop being lazy.) I couldn't even finish (the book) Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. I knew I couldn't do the movie. I was looking forward to Young Adult! I'm glad you stated that it was awkward. lol

  2. Ohh I want to see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close! I've heard it is a cry fest though. Bummer about Young Adult. I wanted to see it!

    The Rich Style

  3. I just watched Young Adult. I so expected it to be funny because of all the reviews I heard about it but I was so disappointed. Like you, I felt so bad for Mavis. I think I laughed maybe once...I knew there was a reason I don't pay attention to movie critics.

  4. Agreed. Young Adult was a big bowl of awkward and uncomfortable.