I'd love to have some great story behind this song, but alas I do not. I can't remember where I discovered it, but it is a jam.

On a side note, Savannah took the crazy train right on into Crazytown, USA. She is currently switching her room with our craft room. I'm pretty sure you don't understand what an undertaking this is, and I've told her she has lost her mind at least 4.2 million times today. What am I doing? I'm glad you asked. I'm studying for a test on all things neurological.

We hope you peeps had a phenomenal Easter. We sure did. Over the weekend we hid eggs twice for 2 different egg hunts, so we are thinking of becoming professional egg hiders. Contact us next year for all your Easter egg hiding needs. 

Until next time...keep it classy, ya'll...

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  1. Birdy sings a cover that is just as beautiful :)