So this is for all you Nashvillians out there. The trainer that Savannah and I workout with just opened his own studio and in honor of that he's having an amazing deal to bring in new customers. For $25/month you get one month unlimited access to the Spark bootcamp sessions. Let me tell you, they don't joke around at Fusion, and we highly recommend these classes. So if you are looking to get in shape and you're in Nashville, then you should give this a whirl.

**We were not paid to say this. You can believe that or not. Whatevs.**

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  1. I wish we had this where i live. The gyms at our town are pretty scarce and hard to find. My friends tell me that i should just Jog every morning but i can't because of work. My brother recommends a personal trainer that will work with me when i clock out and specializes in getting the best results with weight loss in australia. I might take him up on this offer right after the holidays, i always get heavier after all the parties and dinners.