Thanks to Hello Giggles, I discovered Alex Clare. He reminds me of James Morrison & sometimes Adam Levine. Anyway, his music is ballin'. What does that mean? I don't know. Don't ask me questions like that. Homeboy's album is only six dolla make you holla on Amazon so go get that junk. Why am I talking like this? Again, I don't know. Let's get real though, I really talk like this in real life. Ask Savannah. Deuces (drops the mike and walks out).

P.S. I promise you that when Savannah reads this she'll roll her eyes. She is unamused by me. It's a tough world I live in.


  1. OO very nice! I like him!


  2. I can honestly say, there are about two blogs that I can actually stick with...two blogs that I'm actually 100% *addicted* to, and yours [and A Beautiful Mess] is one of them! Congrats! (;

    1. Ha! Thanks. We're big fans of A Beautiful Mess too.

  3. love the blog! it is so pretty and chic. great posts btw!

  4. Lol! I talk like that too...sometimes ;)

  5. OMG I just realized something about this song! It's totally the man's response to Adele's Rolling in the Deep music video. It's got the Vocalist sitting alone in a chair, in a run-down room. It's also got the masked ninjas fighting with wooden Adele's video, there's one masked ninja, but same effect. Adele laments that "they could have had it all..." they were obviously so close....and he threw it all away! But why? Alex answers her wails by explaining they were TOO close, he couldn't love her....he likes more lightheartedness in his women, perhaps? This is his best explanation for why he jilted her:
    "You've given me more than I can return,
    Yet there's also much that you deserve...
    I've nothing to give..."

    She loved him more than he could love her, so he left.
    Watch both videos, back to back, you'll see what I mean.