We are excited to bring you this giveaway from Supercuts. This year Supercuts has a new campaign called Rock the Cut, where they’re working with four up & coming feature artists as well as 1,000 other unsigned artists to talk about music & style. They have all kinds of music on the website that you can check out. We browsed around their website and heard all kinds of music. We found a few things we really liked so come back to the blog tomorrow to see what those bands/songs are! Anyways, we received packages from Supercuts similar to the one you will be getting if you win! We were so excited to get our products and try out some new products. I mostly just loved the case that our gift cards came in... If you want to make us feel legit, just send us something with our names printed on it.
This is what you can win:
-$25 Supercuts gift card
-$30 in Live Nation Concert Cash
-Paul Mitchell hair products based on the winner’s hair type (about $50 worth)
-Supercuts bandana & comb

To enter all you have to do is be a follower of our blog (through blogger)
Leave a comment answering ONE of the questions below.
1.How do you think music and style relate?
2. What is your favorite artist from the Rock the Cut website.

The contest will run from now until Friday at midnight! Don't forget to check out the "Rock the Cut" website and Good luck!

The winner of our Rock the Cuts giveaway is: Colleen Boudreau


  1. I follow your blog + this is a great giveaway! My favorite artist from the site is Laura Bell Bundy, I have loved her since seeing her in Legally Blonde on broadway! :)

  2. Whoo-hoo! First comment! OK... well, I'm already subscribed to your blog via blogger.
    And, I would have to choose Roman and Alaina. Pretty and some added xylophone. Reminds me of our CMC days... Savvy!

  3. Amaze giveaway. Music and Style are so intertwined. They each influence the other. They also both inspire creative minds and are quite the same.

    I'm a follower via blogger.

  4. Rad giveaway! Music and style are almost one thing,they both give us options to choose how we are feeling that moment and express our thoughts. Music and style are just hand and hand. Nothing more could be said about how well they are together. :] :] :] :] Good Luck Everyone!!!


  5. I think that music and style are intrinsically tied together. You can't have music without style, and your style almost always relates to your taste in music. They're both forms of expressing who you are :)

  6. This is awesome! I think that style and music are EXTREMELY related to each other. Both are forms of expressing yourself, and I think that the two go hand in hand. Your taste in music is influenced by your style and your style influences your taste in music.

  7. i absolutely love bonneville!

  8. Great giveaway! I love Supercuts! I've never gone anywhere else to get a haircut! I think style and music relate because they're both creative outlets as well as because music can inspire fashion (Curt Cobain, Spice Girls, Britney Spears, etc.) and fashion can inspire music (I'm sure artists are inspired by what they see everyday).

  9. Fallowing: And music and style are the essentials for defining ones self. Its a means of creativity and exploration. They both tell a story, or create a mood or feeling.

  10. 1.How do you think music and style relate?
    A lot of times, music and style are almost interchangeable. Take the 80's for example. When you see big eighties style hair, what do you think of? I think of rock n roll...especially the glam rockers/eighties hair bands. It's not always true, but a lot of the times, people that listen to certain music dress a certain way. :)
    And I've been following you all for ages :)

  11. I have been a follower already for a little while and... I think music and style can easily relate to each other.. Just like what you're wearing is influenced by your personality, so is music. The personality of a writer of music is shown through their music all of the time.

  12. I follow on Google Reader, don't know if that counts, but I hope so!

    I like how different genres of music have different feelings... Mellow ballads have a very chill, summertime feel that can overlap into your style. Stereotypical festival wear is very boho and inspirational too.

  13. I have been following your blog for awhile now :) I am really digging the band 50 Man Machine on the Rock the Cut website.

  14. ilove Kristin Errett! She is so precious and has a beautiful voice

  15. I already follow you guys. But On the tour My favorite artist is
    'Be the ant' I've seen them twice. Everytime there amazing. And they are by far the nicest band ever.

  16. I am a follower! :)
    I think that music and style go hand in hand. Personally, I am a performer, so naturally that carries over in to my style. How? When I decide what I want to look like, it's almost like playing a role and becoming a character. I believe it is the same with music. When you are zoned in to what you are listening to, it's like an escape. You can be what you want to be. That can change so quickly as you can change to a different genre of music. So, music and style are very much related and can help you decide who and what you want to be...only if for 4 minutes and 37 seconds. :)

  17. Follower, and my favorite artist is Bellles & Whistles.

  18. I just listened to "Here in Columbus" by the Castros. With its soft, strumming guitar and the smooth voice of the singer, I can just picture strolling outside on a nice windy fall day. My maxi dress catching the gentle breeze, a matching long cardigan cinched by a wide brown belt, the tinkling of some dangly earrings as I walk. Music helps us pull all the little parts of our personality, mood and outlook on life into our souls. Fashion and style help us to show off those inner traits to the world.

    ...I think I'm following. :)

  19. GFC: Collifornia
    Email: holliister at gmail dot com

    I think music and style are both ways of expressing yourself.
    My favorite artist is Kristin Errett.

  20. I'm a follower! And slightly ashamed to admit I haven't had my hair professionally cut in about 5 years...
    My favorite artist is Seasons - that's the Irish dancer in me talking. There's not a jig I don't love listening to!