Well it's crazy to say but, October will soon be upon us! What happened to September? In the spirit of Fall, we've decided to give you a discount code for your October ad! Well... actually, you can buy as many months of ads in October as you want and you'll be able to use the discount code for all of it! So if you have a business or blog and are looking for some promotion, you have come to the right place! We also have introduced a new ad space called "Sponsor our posts!" Your ad will appear at the bottom of every post (scroll down to see the current one). Ads run for 30 days and in some cases, your ad will start on the day you purchase it. If you are interested in our stats, here ya go...

We have a combined total of over 22,000 followers/fans from Google Friend Connect, Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin, Pinterest, and Feedburner.

Our views per day range anywhere from 32,000- 42,000 per day but we recently have had high days of136,777153,501 and 200,547 and a high of 1,750,057 views (so far in September) in one month.

If you have any other questions about the ads or giveaways- send us an e-mail!
Otherwise, see below! Oh and by the way... our "Cheapest Ad on the Block" is currently on hold. You can submit that ad still but we won't be accepting any more free ads for a couple of months! If you are still interested in trying out our ads, we have added a $6 ad that will appear right above the Cheapest Ad on the Block. It only runs for 15 days but, it's cheap and will definitely get you some promotion in those few days!

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