Ok so maybe you can't get just any free ad on our blog but, we have decided to add one free ad space. Basically, you could advertise on Oh So Pretty for free for 15 days! There is only one space for each 15 day period but you can book your ad in advance. The only catch- your blog/business needs to go along with the aesthetic of Oh So Pretty and you can only have a free ad once. Here is what you do- go here and scroll down to "Cheapest Ad on the Block!"Click 'Buy Now' and use the code- OHSOPRETTYFREE. You may wonder why we are doing this, maybe you don't really care. Basically, when we were a much smaller blog, we couldn't afford to advertise on the huge blogs and all we needed was that little boost to get us going. We hope that we can help a new blogger or small business to jumpstart their traffic. So what are you waiting for? Go book your free (or paid) ad now!


  1. I used the code but I still had to enter my paypal info and it said I was going to be charged the $5? Will I not be charged if accepted or denied?
    (Polished Perfectly ad)

  2. Thank you, this opportunity is great! Gonna give it a try!

  3. two must've read my mind.
    Look up AWESOME in the dictionary and your names are beside it.
    Really a great thing you are doing! Love it!

  4. Wow, thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!!

  5. Thank you so much for this opportunity. It really means a happy my ad wis in may next me time to work on my blog even more!! yay. love you guys