No no joke. This is a secret garden. Well, okay they don't keep it a "secret". But, it is a garden behind a few houses that are just in the middle of an urban-ish area. I mean you would drive by the house and have NO idea that this mini farm is back there. A freakin horse lives on the farm. It seems so bazaar to us but it's also amazing.  Part of this area is behind a house that is owned by our friends so we got to check it out the other day. Why don't we have one of these?! Anyways, we grabbed some things from the garden while we were out there but, we mostly wanted to share this amazing Fall experience with all of you! In one of the pictures you can see the houses in the distance so maybe you will be able to understand how crazy the whole situation is to us.


  1. There was an area like that in my neighborhood growing up. It was completely surrounded by houses so no one knew it was there unless someone let them in on the secret.


    Kristina does the Internets

  2. How yummy does that eggplant look...and those peppers...delish!!!

  3. Beautiful crops! I'm still cleaning up the garden area in the yard, and I'm thinking of cooking veggies that I will harvest right from our garden.