nashville FLEA MARKET

Last weekend we unexpectedly spent too much time at the Nashville Flea Market. We realized it was happening when it was already happening and we already had a booked up day. But guess what? We went anyways. There are so many many awesome things available at the flea market if not for buying- for inspiration. The whole time we were there we got a couple of shirts, the tallest wide-mouthed Mason jars we could find, tons of jewelry (for a dollar a piece) and Casey got a pretty sweet tote bag. Oh and we got pleeeennntttyy of inspiration. These are just a few pics from our time there. Bet we could've spent three days there and still not have seen everything.


  1. This looks like so much fun! Definitely makes me want to go flea marketing this weekend!

  2. I always love going to flea markets cause of all the great things to look at! I want those keys!

  3. Looks like so much fun. I especially love the pic of the Chuck Taylors on the dashboard. I have a a pinboard for cool pics of Converse, may I pin your photo? Or will you pin it and I can repin it.... I follow you! Thanks, Kesch

    1. Please do pin it! We love for people to pin our pictures!

  4. I love the Nashville flea market! I live in Murray, KY and we go every fall. We spend all day there and leave with sore feet, tired whiney kids and a stroller hanging full of bags! You gotta love the $1 Jewelry booth!

  5. I so missed this! Do you know if it only happens once a year?