So I know it's kind of boring to come to our blog and see this nasty wall as the top and center photo but, it is necessary for you to see the transformation! Keep scrolling....

This was a pretty much blank wall in our craft room and we needed some extra space for organizing so we decided to move upward.

Basically I just hung shelves on the wall and we gathered as many containers and buckets and mason jars as we could find. We actually have tons of jars and containers left over aka room to grow. HA. Just kidding... we're pretty stocked as far as crafty things go.

Tip: When organizing a room, wait to label everything until you are finished organizing. This way you can still move things around until everything is in the right place. When everything has a place, start labeling. To us, labeling is the best part. We got a label maker from Walmart for maybe $10-12 and use it for everything now!

We love washi tape!!

...and jars for the little things.

Now everything has it's place and we can actually find things we knew we had but could never find. We can also see the things now that we forgot we even had. It's delightful! Now, let's just hope the shelves hold up.


  1. your room looks so organized..good job :)

    ps:you sure have helluva things

  2. Great job! Makes my fingers itch to pick up all those pretty things and get crafty ^^

  3. I agree with Lou, I so want to come create in your craft room!

    Where did you find the cookie jar type containers? I love the angled openings and think they would work perfect for some of my supplies.

    Thanks for an awesome blog!

  4. This looks AMAZING! It's so colorful and fun! I love a good organization DIY transformation.
    The Rich Style

  5. That is an amazing amount of crafting supplies! I wish I had all of that! I just started a month ago, though, lol. Give me some time.

  6. This is so great, I love how its all displayed.

  7. So much awesomeness! And spray paint. I wish my craft room looked like this!

  8. I have also seen some DIY magazines and blogs that talk about organizing areas and section of the house, especially doing some simple storage solutions. My younger sister is fond of finding creative ways of providing storage solutions that most of the time uses existing storage and containers at home. I think she would love this idea that these two young ladies have done.