30 DAYS 30 WAYS: DAY 24

 photo DSC_0410_zps0490fbc6.jpg
Casey's wearing:
Cardigan- Goodwill
Dress- Michael Kors
Tights- Target?
Shoes- Goodwill
Belt- Gap?
 photo DSC_0417_zpsa0bb5d56.jpg
Savannah's wearing:
Sweater- Goodwill
Shirt- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- Converse
Earrings, Headband and Bracelets- Forever 21


  1. I really, really like your blog and have enjoyed reading it (almost daily) over the past several months. But I have to say that over the past month, I've grown really tired of the "30 days, 30 ways" feature. It's a cute concept, but 30 days of seeing you (otherwise adorable) girls in the same sweater has really gotten old. Just a little constructive criticism.

    1. Honey, that is not constructive critcism. That's just your opinion statedly very rudely surrounded by compliments. No one is more tired of this than we are, but we committed to it and we are finishing it. You better not come back until Feb 1st.

    2. I don't see how she's being rude. She said that she loves your blog, she just doesn't think that this was necessarily a good idea.
      If you're never told things that people don't like about your blog, you're never going to make positive changes.
      I know that I always take the "criticism" side of constructive criticism very harshly when someone is talking about me, and I almost always get annoyed. Perhaps you're perceiving her comment incorrectly?

    3. If she wanted to provide constructive crticism she could have sent an email. Public criticism, no matter what the format, is in poor taste. Instead of telling us she has grown tired of the posts she could have said she has missed seeing our other content and would like to see some other material. We welcome opinions of all kind but there are ways to speak your mind without being rude. If I said to you, oh my gosh I love you so much. You are so pretty but I really hate that purse you've been carrying. It's kind of getting old. Just some constructive criticism. You would think, wow that's rude, because it is rude.

  2. Ths is an awesome idea..I want to try this myself