So we found these suuuuuper cute nail stickers at Forever 21 and we just had to get them. We have used a product similar to these before but since these were only $1.80, we figured we'd buy a few and do a little review. Let's just say... they are worth what you pay. We put these on Casey's nails and then we decided to go running. BAD IDEA. Parts of the stickers started to peel up (even before the run) and most of them had completely peeled off when we were done running. Casey tried to fix the minor problems with clear nail polish. SECOND BAD IDEA. This seemed to cause a really bad reaction with the stickers. So here's the deal... if you want super cute nails for one evening, probably one where you don't do much, these will do the job and they may even stay on for the next day. But, probably not. If you are trying to wash dishes... don't even spend time on using these. I may try out another set of these just to see if there is a better way to put them on, perhaps one that works better. I don't have high hopes though. Here's what the directions say to do:
1. Peel the right sticker size off and place it on your nail.
2. Rub the sticker into your nail and fold the excess sticker downward.
3. File the excess sticker off.


  1. So cool, love your nail decor, it's always so cheerful! Have a happy day

  2. I was excited for about 2 seconds and then you pretty much said they suck :( At least I know not to buy them, thanks for this review.

  3. If you lightly file the tops of your nails there is more for the stickers to grab on to. Try it out!