Every time we go to Goodwill, I always look for cute mugs. It's completely irrational as I don't drink coffee and I hardly drink tea! But, nevertheless, I wish we had a cute collection of mugs. Most of the time, I don't find a cut and unique mug, I only find plain or cheesy mugs. So I decided to try this Sharpie on a mug thing to create my own design on a mug. We have a plethora of white mugs so I didn't want to do the black sharpie on a white mug. I got a navy blue mug and decided to use my favorite color Sharpie- a gold metallic one. This came out pretty nicely and it's just too easy to not try! Here's what you do to create this dotted mug...
1. Stick reinforcement labels randomly all over your mug.
2. Trace the outside circles with your sharpie.
3. Peel the labels off.
4. Fill in the circles.
5. Put the mug in an oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.
Perfect circles everytime! You can tell that the circles were done by hand up close but, it is still super cute!
 photo 906f7091-85e4-451d-a9df-8e4c6f8be708_zps255e93ff.jpg


  1. Just SO lovely sharpie art! Have an awsome weekend!

  2. I love mug art, especially using chalk board paint that let's you write all over them. I think that's really cute :') Great idea!

    Jo, x

  3. This is great, but I think it's also very nice with the stick ! But after thinking a little they may not resist when whased.. but with color that be so great !

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