This MAY be my favorite mani ever... It's pretty easy and it's super cute! I've had so many compliments on them. Here's what you do:
1. Grab 6 different colors of nail polish. 1 neutral color and 5 bold colors. I used red, orange, yellow, green and navy blue.
2. Paint your nails with the neutral color. Let the dry completely.
3. Put a strip of tape diagonally across your nail.
4. Place another piece of tape across your nail in the other direction, making an "X" with the edges.
5. Paint the open space with one color.
6. Immediaetly peel the tape off. Repeat on all nails with a different color on each nail. Finish with a clear top coat.


  1. cute manicure idea.
    wish you a great start in the new week.
    xo, Petra

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  2. Thats fun nail polish! Thanks for sharing!
    Maybe you would love to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? Check my blog and let me know! I would love it!

  3. I tried this because I thought it looked really cute and fun and I thought it would impress my friends. (I'm sure it will- this isn't meant to be negative!)
    I tried it and it COMPLETELY failed!!! How long do you have to leave the neutral paint before you apply the tape? And how long do you have to leave the colour paint before you peel the tape off?

    I will keep trying this!!!