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Today we're showing you how to make these fun lightning tights!
You will need:
- Multi-surface paint in white and a color of your choice
- Blank opaque tights
- Chalk
- Baggie
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 Put your tights on and mark where your knees are. Be careful not to use something like a Sharpie that will show through the paint (learned the hard way). Chalk would be good to use. I just put a line above, below, and to the left and the right of my knee cap.
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 Put cardboard between the tights so the paint doesn't get on the backside of the tights. Freehand a lightning bolt over one knee of the tights.
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 Trace the lightning bolt onto a baggie.
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 Cut out the lightning bolt and tape it down on the other knee. Outline the shape.

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 photo DSC_0538-2_zps9133467a.jpg
Fill in the lightning bolts with white paint. I had to do two layers- letting the paint dry in between coats.
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 Once it has dried completely, paint the colored paint on top.
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 Wear your tights!
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  1. I love these!

  2. I think you should help me make some of these with anchors on the back of the calves!