We like to put words on things. It's a bit ridiculous but it's fun and that's all that matters when decorating. To do this to your chair you will need some stencils, paint, tape and a sponge brush. We used Handmade Charlotte stencils.
 photo DSC_0503-5_zps8a67ba74.jpg
This is our canvas- a plain wooden chair that chills in our living room.
 photo DSC_0507-6_zps701418e9.jpg
Pick out the letter and/or shapes you would like to stencil on your chair.
 photo DSC_0508-6_zpsaff4e6a3.jpg
We decided to write "SIT HERE" with some triangles on the side.
 photo DSC_0510-5_zpsefda2338.jpg
Tape the stencils on the chair where you want them to go. Maybe I had to alter an 'F' to be an 'E'.
 photo DSC_0511-5_zps316d5887.jpg
Sponge your brush in the paint and sponge off any excess paint.
 photo DSC_0512-5_zps02244491.jpg
Sponge in the letters with the colors you want to use. We used 4 different colors.
 photo DSC_0513-5_zps108e99cd.jpg photo DSC_0515-3_zps5c172e2d.jpg
Peel off the stencils very carefully, while it's still wet. This way you can fix any mistakes.
 photo 3e2522e2-aa0a-417e-b1c6-edf70d9355d1_zps50ad00e3.jpg
There's our chair where it goes in our living room. Presh.

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  1. That display is awesome and I love it! Pinning . . .