So this is our neighbor & friend, Kyle Stallons. Don't tell him we said this because he'll get a big head, but he's super talented and also super funny. He & his brother, Klint, play downtown Nashville every Sunday night at The Second Fiddle (from 6pm-10pm. They are out of town this Sunday, May 5th) and they are so much fun! They take requests & interact with the crowd which makes them delightful to watch. If you like country music, then you should check out Kyle's stuff.

Also if you follow us on twitter you've probably noticed we tweet about our neighborhood a lot. We're obsessed with our 'hood because we have the best neighbors. We share six chickens with Klint and Kyle, so we have a deep bond :) This is actually the place where we are moving to today! Our friends, Josh & Allison, are sailing the east coast this summer and then they are off to do mission work in Haiti, so they needed someone to rent their house. We needed a bigger house and we liked their neighborhood, so it was perfect fit for everyone. Anyway, that's what's going on in our lives. We will do our best to get pictures of our new house up ASAP.

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