I got this shelf at a thrift store for a ridiculous cheap price and I looooove it. It has been used in so many different places in the different places I've lived but it is now in my room. I decided to paint the back part of the shelf to add a little splash of color. It was so easy and quick and I really like how it turned out.
The shelf before the paint job.
I got this paint for $1 at a Habitat for Humanity store here in Nashville. It's the greatest place ever. They have all kinds of paint in small amounts and large amounts for super cheap. 
I didn't tape off the section, I was just really careful! Also, this paint color is more like a teal color, it just looked way lighter before it had dried.
Dried paint and back in my room!


  1. really cute! I did that with a couple book shelves too! I've never been to the Habitat for Humanity shop here in Nashville, I will have to check it out. -Jess

  2. Cute! Painting furniture is such fun!

  3. Amazing how this instantly adds a pop of color to your room. Love it!