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So we were in a group of people the other day and we found out that there were many people who didn't know about Hidden Valley's Ranch Dip Mix and it's amazing-ness. I mean, you mix the packet with some sour cream and you've got the best dip ever! People don't/ didn't know this? Needless to say, those certain people's lives were changed when they finally tasted the lovely dip. This topic of conversation brought us to talk about all the different things you could do with the dip mix- things good and bad. Let me tell you what, this ranch butter idea... one of the better ones. Just mix a 16 oz. tub of butter or spread with a packet of ranch dip mix and spread that stuff on everything. Put it on your bread, put it on your corn, put it in your noodles, put it on your potato. It adds such a deliciousness to anything you would usually use butter on. Well, maybe just the savory things. Also, this isn't meant to be a dip in butter form... can you imagine how rich that'd be? It's basically just well seasoned butter.

Anyways, we are almost completely unpacked, we can see the end in sight. This means that our blog will resume back to normal within the next week, yay! And, let us know if you try the ranch butter!

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