whimsey box and craftgawker challenge

We have entered into the Whimseybox and Craftgawker Challenge because we would L-O-V-E for one of our projects to be sold in the Whimseybox shop! The way that the contest works is you upload a project onto Craftgawker and the ten posts with the most "favorites" will become semi-finalists. From there, Whimseybox will choose the winner. So... if you could all be dolls and go "favorite" our posts on Craftgawker, that would be amazing and we will love you forever! Below are the four posts we've entered and the links where you can "favorite" them.


  1. Hey girls from Oh So Pretty the Diaries!
    I just wanted to say, big fan of your blog and love reading it all the time! You guys are awesome!
    I have been reading your blog for a year plus now, and have always find it so inspiring! by the way, a big hello all the way from Malaysia, here. I am a creative lifestyle blogger!

  2. Hii!!I'm Turkish fan of your blog.I love you soo much.Actually I find your blog 2 days ago :)But I read all your post.Really.And I want do tihs lovely things.I love youu!You girls are perfect!