go for a drive: somewhere off of 24

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A few times now, Casey and I have just gotten in the car with various cameras and gone for a drive. It's a lot of fun and adventurous and something that we probably will continue to do for a while. Casey has a vintage Polaroid camera that someone gave her and that is where this all started. She finally broke down and bought some film and that lead to the purchase of another instant camera and a holga camera and soon we were off taking pictures in the middle of nowhere with all these cameras! We also use my DSLR camera and our iPhones. I might also add that neither of us are photographers, we just enjoy the art of it. Anyways, after doing this a few times, we can't help but think that we should do this quite often. It's very beneficial to the soul. When I stay in my comfort zone and only see what I see every other day, I forgot what beauty there is in this world. These drives have helped me recognize the simple things and be thankful for them. Plus, it is very delightful to be creative just to be creative, with no specific purpose and no specific plan. We are currently waiting on our first roll of holga film to be developed and we will certainly share them with you when they are returned (provided that they are really awesome.) And we have plenty more of these trips to share with you, yesterday we spent a good amount of time at a farm and we can't wait for you to see what we saw!
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We want to encourage you to also go for a drive! Enjoy a place where you've never been before and take some pictures, even if it's just with your phone. And if you have instagram, show us where you go! Tag us @ohsoprettygram and #goforadrive. We can't wait to see where your drive takes you!

xo, Savannah


  1. Absolutly gorgeous photographs, we have a similar kind of landscape around us but it takes a while to get out of the metropolitan area to feel like you're in the middle of nowhere!

  2. Random drives are one of my favorite activities! I do prefer being the passenger over the driver, but there's something so wonderful about just getting up and going!