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Casey and I recently joined a few of the bloggers from Blog Nashville on a tour of Nashville, courtesy of Grayline Tennessee! It was really fun to meet many other bloggers in Nashville and learn more about our awesome city. There is so much history in this town and it is pretty fascinating! Here are some pictures of how the day went. They were taken by the lovely and talented Zipporah. Check out her stuff, it's pretty great!
 photo NashvilleBLoggers-FinalImages-0004_zps09f8cca9.jpg photo NashvilleBLoggers-FinalImages-0005_zps69242d58.jpg photo NashvilleBLoggers-FinalImages-0006_zps4d78e525.jpg photo NashvilleBLoggers-FinalImages-0008_zps1421fb96.jpg photo NashvilleBLoggers-FinalImages-0010_zpsb47b6e35.jpg photo NashvilleBLoggers-FinalImages-0013_zpsabc5cb7e.jpg photo NashvilleBLoggers-FinalImages-0015_zps43f8cddf.jpg photo NashvilleBLoggers-FinalImages-0035_zpse3d7fa72.jpg photo NashvilleBLoggers-FinalImages-0028_zps3a2a4303.jpg photo NashvilleBLoggers-FinalImages-0037_zps4384d2f7.jpg photo NashvilleBLoggers-FinalImages-0043_zps0c0b8693.jpg photo NashvilleBLoggers-FinalImages-0047_zpsb884f3af.jpg photo NashvilleBLoggers-FinalImages-0049_zps9f7cbe38.jpg
And now you can go check out all the blogs that we learned about that day!

xo, Savannah


  1. yay thanks for the linky gals! hope to see you soon at another BlogNashville event (or otherwise!) and can I just add there is one pictures that I am absolutely STARRING in?! ha

    perfectly priya

  2. These are so damn nice pictures! :) Really cool!

  3. Oooh yay! I love finding great new blogs to follow! Looks like a fun day! :)

  4. heeey!!! Thank you for the link hookup :) I see myself being a dork a few of those pictures!! But I won't hold it against you two!!! Also, I checked out that cookie recipe above looks DELISHHH great work gals!

    Andrea Fer

  5. so cool, i always want to go in nashville! Laura of the blog :