casey's fall wishlist

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Y'all I love fall. Like I'm obsessed, and I think my obsession has grown more this year. The first thing I get excited about fall is getting to wear boots and scarves. Putting on boots for the first time in the season is a defining moment. This year my newest obsession is over the knee socks as seen in #11. How precious is she? It's a bit challenging for me to pull off but I'm trying. #13 is kind of a cheat because Savannah & I both already own this scarf in the red and I used to own the grey one but I lost it. I just love it THAT much. And how adorbs is that record player? I've been seriously wanting to listen to vinyl lately. I don't know why. I guess I'm going hipster, guys. Another new thing this year is that I'm into ankle boots like A LOT. Usually I"m a tall boots girl, but I'm preferring ankle boots these days. What new falls things are you into? What are your classic fall pieces? 

<3 casey  


  1. Love the boots and the colorful scarf, that record player is super cute too. :)

  2. I love that bike! And for fall I love to bring out the cozy sweaters and moccasins :)