diy: gold leaf sunglasses

Hello. I’m Fran. I write Fall For DIY, a blog dedicated to home and fashion DIY’s with a difference. I’m so excited to be a contributor here alongside so many amazing and talented bloggers! My first post is a fashion inspired sunglasses DIY. 

I know what you’re thinking. Strange time for a British chick to be wearing sunglasses, but I’m an all year round sunnies wearer. If the sun is shining, I’ve got some on. So here’s my latest pair, and how to make them!
1. Smother the upper ⅔ of the glasses frame in glue (I’ve used a decoupage glue, but most water based liquid glues will work for this. Think papermache) and gold leaf. Don’t worry too much about getting this even as we will be distressing it later on anyway.

2. Once you are happy with the coverage leave the glue to fully dry. Maybe perform a few Elvis impressions while you’re waiting. You know… If you get bored.
3. Take a piece of fine sand paper (or alternatively a nail file) and rub gently over the gold leaf to create the rough effect.
4. Clean up the edges and cover with another layer of glue to seal.
5. Leave to fully dry again, then head outside into the sunshine!

Contributor Post by: Fran

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