from our closets

 photo e03b067d-00fd-40b7-a6af-ad87d1f842ea_zps554b99d5.jpg photo 4e408650-4b28-4f86-83d4-fa8632b96a21_zpsaebfffad.jpg photo 12e2e772-bb68-47b4-9330-895ee1e9b909_zps603b84b1.jpg photo 595259a8-a186-420f-8043-4f03adb77263_zps61d692cb.jpg
Casey's wearing:
Top- American Apparel
Cardigan- PacSun
Jeans- PacSun
Boots- Target
Backpack- Urban Outfitters
 photo 0ad14178-2d86-4334-8e8b-eec512d3f624_zpsc1d28327.jpg photo 6b730f40-f8d9-4a7e-8647-1e0401f43cda_zpsc20dcc65.jpg photo 8be7c130-0140-4714-b3d3-9b4d4a0bd0f8_zps358e3648.jpg photo c89a68d8-5545-43a1-8e74-bdc77b4f7201_zps7bf04a82.jpg
Savannah's wearing:
Sweater- Forever 21
Shorts- Gap
Tights- Charlotte Russe
Boots- Urban Outfitters
Purse- Angela Roi
Bracelet- Forever 21
Rings- F21, PacSun + UO


  1. I love your girls's blog! it would mean so much if you would check out mine and tell me what you think!!! thankyou!

  2. Casey!! I looove that cardigan!!!! it is ADORABLE!!!! you both are just so beautiful!!

  3. love your outfit! I so love your boots! c: