tutorial: easy day to nite hair

We are so excited because today is our first contributor post ever! We will have 6 contributor posts every month for the next 6 months. Up first is Hannah from The Homesteady! Isn't she precious? This tutorial is pretty precious too. But enough from us, take it away Hannah!

I love this one for busy days. I don't have much time in the morning, and when I know I've got a long day ahead of me, this is what I pick. The daytime version is cute but no-nonsense, and it's so easy to get your hair nighttime-ready. This is especially good for women like me, whose hair doesn't hold a curl for very long. With this hairstyle, the waves stay for hours!
 Step one: Curl a few sections of hair away from your face.
Step two: Start on the left side, twisting your hair away from your face, beginning near your eyebrow.
Step three: Continue the twist down across the nape of your neck.
Step four: Secure with bobby pins.
Step five: Do the same thing on the right side.
Step six: Secure with bobby pins.
Step seven: Spray the whole twist with hairspray to secure.
Step eight: Go to work. 
Step nine: Remove all the bobby pins.
Step ten: Separate the curls using your fingers to form waves. 
That's all it takes!

contributor post by: Hannah


  1. Great post! I love your background and that you included gifs. I've seen something similar to this before but I love the idea of using it as a day to night hairstyle versus just sleeping with your hair wrapped up. My hair is still a little to short to do this but I'm going to keep it in mind for when my hair is longer.

    1. Thanks so much Morgan!! I'm actually wearing my hair like this today :) Although I came to the sad realization this morning that it might be getting too long to keep doing it successfully! I'm so glad you like the tutorial.