16 last minute DIY gifts

So you've waited until the last minute and you need one more gift! How about you just avoid the crowded malls and stores and make something on your own. We've put together a list of DIYs that you can create quickly and that are great for gifting! For starters, you can personalize a mug with Sharpies! You could draw anything, definitely don't have to stick to polka dots.

Stitch a cute heart applique onto a pair of gloves!

This scrub can be made with any essential oil/scent you'd like.

Hand-bound notebooks can be made in any size and thickness that you'd like!

Potato stamped cloth napkins.


Neon and metallic animal decorations.

This pouch is the perfect size for traveling.

Custom colored crayon lipstick, fun to say and fun to make!

A fancy bracelet.

Candles in many different ways and containers.

Ear cuffs and clip-on earrings.

A fun message board!

String feather necklace.

A simple clutch.

Hardware necklace!

Well, hopefully there are enough ideas here to help you check off that last name on your list! Happy Holiday DIYing!

xo, Savannah


  1. Alas, I've just finally completed my Christmas shopping, but this is a fantastic list! I'll have to bookmark this for next year. I adore those heart stitched mittens and the potato stamped napkin! I have a wedding favor candle in a teacup that I absolutely love. It's such a great gift idea!!

    perfectly priya

  2. I love the idea of gold magnet letters for a message board!

  3. Very cute


  4. Great holiday gift ideas! Thanks for sharing =)

  5. The potato stamp threw me off guard! hah! I think I like the candles the best :)

    Andrea Fer, Not Quite Grown Up Guide

  6. I tried doing the same type of mug idea for some of my christmas gifts where you draw on sharpie and when the people washed the mugs, the sharpie started to wash off! I even baked them in the oven for half an hour. Any ideas on how to make the sharpie last?

  7. Nice read! I like the suggestions.