diy: christmas tree earrings with tulip

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Today we are making these cute and kitschy shiny christmas tree earrings! We are using these awesome Iron-On Transfer Sheets from Tulip Holiday Sparkle and Shine. We used the gold metallic sheet for these earrings but, they also have glitter sheets. These are great because you just cut out whatever design you want and iron it on almost any fabric or piece of clothing. Tulip glitter and sparkle products are great for all your holiday DIYs, whether you are adding a sparkly touch to your wardrobe or making sophisticated seasonal d├ęcor! These earrings are perfect for the holidays, they're a good way to show your Christmas spirit without wearing red and green every day!
You will need:
- Tulip Iron-On Transfer Sheets
- Wool Fabric (just scraps)
- Any thin piece of fabric
- Iron
- Post Earrings and Backs
- Scissors
- Skinny Marker

Cut a strip of the iron-on transfer sheet.
Cut a strip of wool around the same size.
Place a thin piece of fabric over the iron-on sheet and place the iron on top. Hold for about 40 seconds. I found this worked best with the iron on the middle setting. If it's too hot the sheet starts to wrinkle. After 40 seconds, make sure the two bottom pieces have adhered to each other.
Trace or draw a Christmas tree on the back of the fabric. You could do this with any shape.
Cut out two of the same shape.
Use hot glue to attach the earring posts to the back of the Christmas trees.
 photo 8bd15bc4-64b0-4dda-953f-796764ceedea_zpsbfda4b2f.jpg
 photo b5379d6e-95e3-4d77-81ba-55648659f682_zpse1c11e11.jpg
And you're done! There's something super fun about these earrings. They're super light and no one will ever know they were made out of fabric.

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xo, Savannah

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  1. I loved it! Very creative. Visit my blog!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I will have to get the supplies and show my daughter this because I know that she would love to make her own earrings!

  3. Thank You girl! I was very pleased with the outcome too! Have a fantastic day!

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