diy: last minute christmas ornaments

Christmas is right around the corner and the Christmas trees are taking their place in our homes. All those ornaments that we collected over the years are finding their place on the tree but sometimes we feel like there is something missing.
I felt like that so I created some last minute ornaments that wouldn’t cost me a fortune to make. Ready?

What you need:
-       Plain wooden stars (or green wooden stars)
-       Glitter
-       Glue
-       Scissors
-       String
-       Paint in dark green or red
Start out by painting both sides of the star. You can either cover both sides in the same color or decide to switch things up a bit and opt for one red side and one green side.
While the paint is still a little wet, take some glitter and sprinkle it on top of the star.
Now add a little something onto one side of the ornament. I decided to add a heart. Take a small piece of paper and cut out a heart shape and use this as your stencil for the glitter. Position the stencil on the wooden star and take some glue and spread it over the surface.
Get some glitter and sprinkle it on top of the glue area. Remove the stencil and check the edges. You might need to clean up the shape a little. Let it dry.
Now add a string to the wooden stars so you can hang it on the tree. Enjoy. And happy holiday everyone!

Contributor post by: Lisa

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  1. I was just making hair ties to put on my Etsy and Google'd how to stop the fraying at the ends- and I came across your blog. I love it! So glad I found you. Newest follower :)