diy: pom-pom wrapping paper

It's officially December, and therefore now socially acceptable to be as excited about Christmas in public as I've felt in private since Halloween! This wrapping paper DIY is a great way to get started on holiday crafts. Maybe it's just because they look like mini marshmallows, or because I've watched Elf thirty times, but doesn't it seem tempting to pop one of these pom-poms into your mouth? No? Just me?
To make your own pom-pom wrapping paper, you will need:
- A roll of craft paper (paper bags work too)
- Strong tape, like this festive one from Scotch
- Scissors
- Glue (I used Elmer's, but a hot glue gun will work as well, and probably faster if you're pressed for time)
- Mini pom-poms (I love the white ones, they remind me of snowballs!)
- Red yarn 
First, wrap your gift in the craft paper. Secure with the tape. With a tiny dot of glue, attach each pom-pom to the gift, holding it in place until it's secure. Wind the red yarn around the package, tying at the bottom.
Place under the tree and try your best to keep the recipients at bay until Christmas morning!

Contributor Post by: Hannah


  1. Pom-Poms! I love it! I use Kraft Paper for all my gift wrapping and then decorate it too!!! I love it!

    Andrea Fer

  2. Wow neat idea. Its so cute and looks so easy too. :)

  3. amazing idea! artistic it is!