diy: stained glass necklace holder

A few people in my life would roll over and die if they knew I had created this "I Heart Tennessee" necklace holder. The truth is, I wanted it to say Nashville rather than Tennessee buuuutttt try fitting Nashville into two letters that people understand... To create this stained glass we are using Mod Podge Sheer colors. It's crazy but it's basically just colored Mod Podge! You can buy this stuff at Michael's or on Plaid's website.
 photo DSC_1636_zpsb161b58a.jpg
I grabbed this frame from Goodwill. After I took it apart, I spray painted it with white primer and then bright yellow. I printed these letters out and as you can see, the ink is running low.
 photo DSC_1639_zps28c6ec5d.jpg
Tape the "stencil" to the back side of the glass so that is it facing right side up but is still behind the glass.
 photo DSC_1640_zps5f68f0de.jpg
These are the colors we used.
 photo DSC_1641_zpsd202af32.jpg
Pour the Mod Podge on the glass but don't get as crazy as I did here. I ended up having to wipe some off.
 photo DSC_1644_zps1fbb1a60.jpg
Paint as many layers as you want, with drying in between, just don't paint over the letters!
When it's all dry, put the glass back in the frame.
Put some thumbtacks on the bottom part of the frame! I had to use a little hammering action to make sure they were secure.
Then hang it up and hang some necklaces on it! This works best if you will be hanging it on a white wall.

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  1. great idea :)

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  2. Did you cut the printed letters out of the paper? How did you get them to show up white?