funny cards with julie ann art

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Julie Ann is a precious angel and sent us these cards. What we like most about her cards is that they aren't your typical, super-cheesy cards. Savannah & I both HATE picking out cards because they are always so lame. This year I want to write more handwritten notes and cards. I mean, how much do you love getting a card in the mail? So much! Check out her shop for other delightful treats & send someone special or not-so-special a card! You can get 10% off with the code OHSOPRETTY. Go get you some!
 photo a1ceda88-d15a-49bd-9b9a-ab6426b13ab0_zps10a7ad19.jpg photo f2d32685-5084-43dc-ae5e-fe723c203bcf_zpsb2cc7705.jpg
You know you want to leave your roomie this card and not apologize for eating the last bit of her cereal. Ha!

holler! -casey


  1. Love these cards they're so cute and quirky xoxo

  2. Haha, these cards are so sweet!