diy: marbled tube necklace

I’ve been marbling up a storm recently. I love the randomness of the pattern and organic nature of the shapes and it works so well in interior design, jewellery and accessories. Check out my Etsy post for marbled Christmas crackers (get a head start on next year?) and my black and white marbled gemstone necklace. For this post I have been inspired by tube beads and wanted to make my own from polymer clay. And would I pass up the chance of a little marbling now?
You will need:
Polymer Clay
A Chain
Drinking Straw

1. Roll the polymer clay into sausages. Make the accent color sausage smaller than the main colour.
2. Mix them together rolling into a ball and stretching out again. Repeat until you’ve got a marbled pattern.
3. Roll flat and wrap around your straw. Try to keep it evenly spread and work around the straw until you’re happy with the results.

4. Pop your clay and straw into the freezer for half an hour. When you take it out pull firmly off the straw. The cold clay should keep its shape. Be careful not the squash it down.
5. Bend your tube into shape and heat in a low oven for half an hour.
6. Once the tubes are cooled cut the ends with a scalpel knife to give a clean edge.
7. Thread a chain through the bead.
Contributor Post by: Fran

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  1. fun! I love the purple one. my first "business" was selling clay american flag pins at the 4th of july parade when I was 9, but i haven't used it since. it might be time to bring back the fimo!