our first vlog!

So a million years ago, we asked if y'all were interested in us doing some vlogging. And it seemed like most people thought we should. So... we did! We recorded our first vlog, it wasn't going as well as we had thought, so we changed the subject and recorded a second vlog which y'all would eventually know as our "first" vlog. And after we recorded the videos, we did nothing. The videos sat and sat and we completely forgot about them until last night when we were dealing with some other videos that we just recorded. It's pretty hilarious to see a video of yourself on your computer that you cannot even remember making. Once we watched them, we certainly remembered. Anyways, we decided to upload both videos for your entertainment. Well, we were pretty entertained so here's hoping you are too!

xo, Savannah

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  1. Adam Brody and his character Seth are my ABSOLUTE favorite...ever!