diy: leather and metallic gold coaster

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If you’re like us, you have random craft supplies and scraps
of all kinds of materials that you just don’t know what to do with. This situation
led me to making these coasters. We had some circular pieces of scrap leather
and I thought- hey, let’s make some swanky coasters! Swanky just because they
are leather… Anyway, you can grab some scrap leather for pretty cheap at your
local craft store, or maybe you already have some. You will also need a circular shape to trace, a marker, scissors, sand paper, painter's tape and gold spray paint. Here’s what you do.
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Trace a circle onto your leather. My scrap leather just happened to be in a circular shape already. I just had to even them out. After I traced the circles, I used scissors to cut them out. If the edges are a little frayed like mine were, just use some sand paper to smooth 'em out.
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Cut your painter's tape into thin strips. Then tape this pattern onto each coaster. I started by placing tape in parallel lines, all in one direction. Once I had covered the whole coaster, I switched directions.
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Fill in random triangles with tape.
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Spray the coaster with your spray paint.
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Once the paint has set for about 30 seconds, remove the tape. The paint will stick to the tape and peel off if you leave it on there too long. Just be careful when removing it!
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Let the coasters dry completely and you're good to go!
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I'm not going to lie... we don't really use coasters that much yet, these are our SECOND set of DIY coasters. And one of Casey's dogs likes to eat leather (just ate her Bible the other day....) so these might not be the most logical coasters for us to set out. They're stinkin' cute though so maybe we will work on our coaster usage. Special occasions maybe?

xo, Savannah

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