Heart Shaped Bacon & Cheese Hash Browns and Egg for Two

It's been cold in all parts of the country and for some reason it has me craving breakfast food. Since Valentine's Day is around the corner, I thought I would make a hearty breakfast to satisfy my craving. Get it? Heart-y? I like to think I'm funny. I thought this would make a cute Valentine's day breakfast for you and your significant other or just for yourself. As for me, I will be making it for the latter.
*Side note: I like my eggs slightly runny, so cook your eggs longer or shorter depending on how you like them.
Heart Shaped Bacon & Cheese Hash Browns and Egg for Two

1 russet potato 
1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
8 slices bacon, chopped
2 eggs
Fresh parsley for garnish
Heart shaped cookie cutters

Wash and shred the potato in a large bowl. Use a paper towel to dab any excess water from the potatoes. This will help make them crispy. Mix the cheese, bacon, potato, and a dash of pepper together. Taste to see if it needs a pinch of salt.

In a non-stick skillet, heat the butter until melted. Place the cookie cutter on the skillet and fill it so the hash brown is roughly 1/4 inch thick. Use a spoon to pat the edges down and even out the surface. Remove the cookie cutter once the hash browns have set, roughly 30 seconds. Cook for roughly 3 minutes then flip and cook for another 3 minutes.

Spray non-stick cooking spray on the cookie cutter. In the same skillet, crack an egg into the cookie cutter. Be careful not to break the yolk. Season with a tiny pinch of salt. Some of the egg may ooze out from the cookie cutter. Just cut the excess off once the egg is finished cooking. Cook for 2-3 minutes. The next part is tricky. Use a metal spatula to get underneath the cookie cutter and gently flip the egg over. Take a knife and gently separate the egg from the sides of the cookie cutter. Cook for another 2-3 minutes and remove the cookie cutter.

Place the egg on top of the hash brown and sprinkle with any extra bacon and some parsley. Serve immediately!

Contributor post by: Nikole


  1. love making all things heart shaped this time of year. so fun!

  2. This is so cute. I totally need to make some of these for my husband!

  3. Totally making this for my kids on valentines day!!