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Savannah's wearing: Top-Instagram// Dreamcatcher Necklace-Target// Skirt, Short Necklace and Shoes-Forever 21// Jean Jacket-Kohl's

Now we haven't really talked about our clothing ventures this year. Well, not on our blog at least. So now I will tell you what is going on. Basically, we want to know where our clothing comes from. We have vowed to purchase only things that were made ethically, made in America, or used clothing. I will not say that we have 1000% stuck to this but we have sure tried. For example, I have been searching for a pair of sandals because I literally have zero sandals. I got rid of every last pair. I finally decided that I was going to purchase these sandals that were a little out of my price range but definitely made ethically. And then I found out that they were out of stock until June 15. Guess what? I cannot wait until June 15 for sandals. I know they are something that I literally do not need, and that I can survive without them. But I confess, I ended up buying some sandals... and I don't know where they came from. It's warm out, my feet are hot, and I now own a pair of unethically made (I think) sandals.
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Casey's wearing: Dress-H&M// Shoes-Old Navy

So all that to say, even with our new blog situation and life ventures, we will keep on doing outfit posts. Doing outfit posts is a way that we express our style and creativity. And we aren't trying to get you to go buy the things we are wearing because even if we were, you probably couldn't find exactly what we are wearing. These days, most of our clothes come from a thrift store or a re-sell shop or we make them. So we will continue to tell you were each item came from but please don't feel like we are pushing these brands on you. If we say what the brand is, chances are we purchased that item previous to this year. We just want to show people that you can have your own style even though you aren't spending a lot of money or buying brand name clothing. Although we don't look down on people who do. This is just how we are doing it now!

xo, Savannah


  1. Stunning, absolutely STUNNING photos!

  2. Loving the purple hue/dreamy effect of these pictures!