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I'm sure you are wondering why you've come to "Oh So Pretty" and found "Hey Wanderer." Let me explain. We recently decided to move our blog in a new direction and with that came a new name. We have been sitting on this name for a while now, wondering what we might use it for. It seemed like an appropriate name for our "new" blog.

Why not just start a new blog? Well, we have done lots of great posts, acquired some funny memories and had a good amount of success on Oh So Pretty. We don't want to just let that go. It is and will always be a part of our blogging journey.

So now I'm sure you would like to know why/what we are changing. Here's the 411, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We originally started this blog to support our Etsy shop that we were starting. We figured it would help drive traffic to our store. But about 3 months in we had a post that gained a lot of exposure. We had so many people coming to our blog and we liked it. We started blogging a lot more and soon the Etsy shop just kind of fell into the background. We had another post that literally exploded. There was a day where, no kidding, we had well over 200,000 views. And I can honestly say that we STILL have people coming to our blog for that post. We posted that almost 2 years ago. All this to say, we started focusing our posts on what would pin well on Pinterest and based most of our decisions on what people would like. And it worked for a while. Companies started sending us free stuff and paying us to use their products. And we happily obliged because hey, we were making money. But then came a point where we just started to feel a little weird about the things we were promoting on our blog. We didn't promote bad things, we would just incorporate things into our blog that we would not use otherwise because it was money.

At the beginning of this year, Casey and I decided to make some life changes. Basically we want to know where our food and clothes come from. We are taking steps to live a simpler life. And at some point recently we realized, things weren't really lining up. Our blog and lifestyle have grown apart. It is a little bittersweet but the good news is, we do like blogging. We just want our blog to be about what we want it to be about and what we believe in.

Now what does this mean for all of you? Well, that is up to you! We are still the same people. We still like to do DIYs and take outfit pictures and eat food and we will continue to do blog posts about these things every now and then. But you can also expect us to do more music posts, photo posts, and wordy posts like this one. We are so thankful for all of you who followed us as "Oh So Pretty" and we'd love for you to continue with us on this journey as "Hey Wanderer!"

xo, Savannah (and Casey)

P.S. We will be changing all of our social media names and all things connected to Oh So Pretty over the next week or so.

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  1. Fantastic! I love where you are headed. Keep up the great work :)